2016 Memories
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The weather was great, no incidents, large crowds.
Pickerel Queen Vanessa Harteker and her court Kate Vernier, Erica Erdmann, &  
Valentina Rojas Cuartas.

The winner of the Grand Prize of the boat, motor, trailer and loads of related items was Jenie Sones of Port Huron. This year was Jenie's first ever Pickerel Tournament and she bought her tickets on the first day. She was motivated to buy the tickets because she noticed the Leader Dog emblem and Jenie knew it was for a good cause. She is visually impaired herself.

Whopper winner Robert Makiwen from Algonac 5 lbs. 8 oz. his winnings totaled
1,100.00, he won $1000.00 for the whopper and $100.00 for being the daily prize 
winner. There were 56 entries in this year's contest.

Children made it from MI, IL and Lynchburg VA. All entries were Sheepsheads, the 
over whelming favorite. Total number of fish caught was 76 with a total weight of 
355 lbs. Boys weighed in with 46 fish for 227 Lbs., the girls weighed in with 30 fish
for 128 lbs. Total weight for the boy’s three winners was 22 lbs. 3 oz. The girls  
three winners came in with 24 lbs. and 12 oz. Once again girl power showed it will 
not be intimidated, the young women beat the young men by 2 pounds 9 ounces, 
second year in a row.
Winning Boys & Winning Girls:
     1. Jacob Willey Age 11, Clinton Twp.- 7# 8 oz.
     1. Taylor Reams age 12, Algonac, 8# 13 oz.
     2. Elijah Westbrook Age 8, Lynchburg, VA 7#7oz.
     2. Kaley Bayones Age 6, Algonac, 8# 9oz.
     3. Daniel Pasko Age 7, Marine City, 7# 5oz.
     3. Morgan Reams Age 7, Algonac, 7#6oz.
As you can see, the top winners were quite close in the size of the fish caught. The first place winners received Bicycles, donated by Ed Minnichs Bait Shop along with   first place Trophys. Second and third place winners received Rod and Reel Combos and Trophys donated by Friends of Lions.
All contestants received a ribbon and a voucher for an Ice-Cream cone from Stroh’s Ice Cream Parlor in Algonac,  The weighmaster for the kids fishing contest was Algonac Lion Robert Hoerauf.

MANY thanks to the thousands of people who came out, had a lot of fun and supported the Algonac Lions Annual Pickerel Tournament.