Regular Minutes of 7-26-17

Meeting called to order by Pres. Drummond

Guests: Boat winnerTom Sindal and has family members, Tom,Ashley and Titon

Anniversaries: None

Minutes of: 7-12-17 were read and approved by an overwhelming majority.

President’s Report Pres Joel called on information re: upcoming funerals.
Gene Martin-We meet Tueday at Trinity Methodist at 11am-yellow shirts please. Thanks

Mr. Osieczonek-We meet Friday at Gilberts at 7PM-yellow shirts please. Thanks

Lion Sam announced that the Queens are off to Yale for the Bologna Fest this weekend.  Lion Hoerauf is off on the River Queen and thanked the club for needed repairs-especially the brakes!

Finance  Lion Treasureer Mike will be billing members $21.50 for  International dues and shortly after another $10.25 for district dues.  See Lion Mike if you have a balance and want to pay up.

Steak Outing Lion McQuade has tickers and flyers. We need to rally behind Lion John and get the tickets sold-in advance if possilbe.

Lion Morrow will have some sample Leader Dog appearal here next week if anyone is interested.  He also shared that 1 in 1.2 million puppies acutally get to make it all the way to a Leader Dog.

Sec. Bill played Sam’s interview on WPHM radio during the PT. What a ham Sam is on camera !!

Tail Twister $2 and  to Lion Genaw
KP’S Team #1
Stories Lion Gratopp
Meeting adjourned at: 8:00PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Bill Gratopp
Algonac Lions Club
   July 2017
         Algonac Lions Newsletter
Vol. 17 - Issue 25
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