Regular Minutes of 5-17-17

7:12 PM 
Meeting called to order by Pres. Koltz

Minutes of: 5-3-17 were read and approved.

Board Minutes of 5-3-17 were read.

Guests: Karen Green, puppy raiser and Snowball guests of Lion Manter. Lion Chuck noted that both Karen and Snowball were at Davisburg for 2 days. Mike Fizel of Grays island NC guest of Lion Gordon, and Art Kennedy guest of Lion Mesclier

Anniversary: Lion Bob Hoerauf: Club Member for 16 years

Correspondence: Letter from the Algonac/Clay Historical Society thanking us for our donation, also an newsletter article thanking Bill Foster and the Steiler family donating Lions Memorabilia.

President’s Report Pres. Bill reported that we made a profit at Davisburg. Pres Koltz thanked all  who helped with White Cane on Thursday and Friday and reported we collected funds that will benefit our community.

  HOUSE : Lion Gitre reported he tried to get quotes for the landscaping at the front of the building and received one reply. He is waiting for the quote.

        PT: Pres. Koltz asked for help on the Pickerel Run, and on the Poker Paddle.

Lion Watkins announced that the Lioness are disbanding on June 29th. They will handle the Kids Parade on June 30th. He also stated that all their records will be given to us as we were the chartering club. Lion Tom. Wondered if some sort of letter be sent by the club?

  Lion John announced that the Steakout is scheduled for August 23rd. with a rain date of August 24th. This will be the first year we’ll have a rain day option. Price remains $40.00.
Lion Morrow announce that he and his Cub are working on a fund
raising idea to benefit the convention fund based on the PT Fishing
contest. More to follow when the rules are finalized.
It was suggested that in the future that members sign in for dinners rather than Lion Mike trying to keep track of who is eating.

Tail Twister
$16.00 and a 25” (kinda short?) tape to Bob Morrow

Meeting adjourned at: 7:45PM

Respectfully submitted
Bud Babchek for
Bill Gratopp
Algonac Lions Club
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  April 2017
         Algonac Lions Newsletter
Vol. 17 - Issue 16