Regular Minutes of 10-11-17

Meeting called to order by Pres. Drummond

Guests: Dani Landoldt and Kathleen Breen of Leader Dog addressed the members regarding a maliscious letter sent to various people. LD denies all allegations and continutes to provide the best possible services to the blind.

Anniversaries: None

Minutes of: 10-4-17 were and approved.  Board and Charities minutes also read.

President’s Report Pres. Joel reminded members of the LD day Oct. 21.  It appears that we have 6 people attending.  He then presented a certificate for member
sponsorship to Lion Corey Blair.  Pres. Joel then presented Lion Jerry Doan of Goodfellows with a donation.  Lion Jerry then shared Goodfellows goals.

Lion Koltz called for a HC meeting.

B&G Lion Gordon reported a 35-0 victory for Algonac Football.  Richmond next.

RQ  Lion Hoerauf will be at the State Park the next 2 Saturdays.  Stop and help him pass out candy.

PT Lion Koltz now has personal tickets for the boat sales.

Shrimp  Lion Sam has tickets and flyers for the Nov 23rd event. Lion Lenny found shrimp for $2 pound less and it is good.

Motion by Morrow/Koltz to adopt the board’s recommendation and implement a status know as PAL-Patron of the Algonac Lions for those people who help out repeatedly.  Any member can submit a name to the membership committee and they will approve or deny the nomination.  PASSED

Lion Fireman Jerry thanked the club for the use of “Slushy”.

Pres. Joel announced Oct 20 as Wyoming Lions fish dinner.  If you are interested in attending, see Lion Joel.

Tail Twister $23 and stull to Lion Koltz.
Meeting adjourned at: 8:45PM

Respectfully submitted,Bill Gratopp
Algonac Lions Club
October 2017
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Vol. 17 - Issue 34
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